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Apart from the ill-judged publicity photo which made me think this was going to be a new sketch show starring Borat, what we get is a chillingly convincing glimpse behind the closed doors of Saddam's regime.
ONE of the five youths suspected of the Stephen Lawrence race murder has a secret link to a chillingly similar killing.
The former Miss World, 22, looked chillingly good as the icy Snow Queen, as her elvish helpers Ava O'Connor and Andrea Leddy, both six, are sure to agree.
Heard here for the first time, though, are two other covers, chillingly beautiful versions of the Beatles' ``Yesterday'' and Stevie Wonder's ``Superwoman.
In a scene chillingly reminiscent of The Godfather, he was presented with a horse's severed head.
YOU will have read some of his chillingly accurate predictions, now discover the truth about Nostradamus.
The Lakers' current run appears chillingly more similar by the day.
One story, Steve's Next Victim, was chillingly similar to the attack last September in a park.
At times funny, other times chillingly serious, the man known for his performances in films including ``Heat,'' ``From Dusk Till Dawn,'' ``The Replacement Killers'' and ``Spy Kids'' called on his real experiences to tout the importance of education.
Christian Bale is Batman in The Dark Knight - and tragic Heath Ledger chillingly reinvents the Joker for his final film role.
The seemingly infinite play of textures in the new works is hypnotic, creating a chillingly brittle sensuality--as "manufactured" and subliminally macabre as that of the early painting constructions.
And with politics looking more and more like show biz every day, it seems chillingly appropriate that ``Million Dollar Baby'' and ``The Aviator'' should be the top two Oscar-winning films of 2004.