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One possible explanation is that the R-FCH suffers from smaller interference because of a larger spreading gain (note that spreading gain is defined as a ratio of chip rate over bit rate).
This approach maintains a constant 11-Mb/s chip rate for all four data rates.
Automatic duplex modes (TDD and FDD), channel bandwidth adaptation utilizing multiple chip rate support and programmable filtering in the PEM automatically detects and adapts to the network configuration making it ideal for a whole range of frequency bands and applications.
The solution uses IPWireless' Multi Chip Rate technology to support three separate chip rates, which IPWireless claims will allow operators to get the most out of available spectrum and expand their capacity.
The width of the PN modulated signal in the frequency region depends on the chip rate of the PN modulator, and the larger the chip rate, the wider the spectrum of the modulated signal.
The power-distribution characteristic varies with the type of phase modulation used, but the effective bandwidth is of the order of magnitude of one divided by the chip rate.
Other features include flexible interprocessor communications allowing the developer to specify a DSP for chip rate or symbol rate processing and high bandwidth datapaths offering up to 6Gb/s data rates to support multiple receivers.