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The existence of multiple-year data, large numbers of roost structures, diversity in the chiropteran community, ease of comparison with Prairie Creek, and presence of easily accessible colonies of the northern myotis make the airport's bat community worthy of further research.
These studies point to a wide, and still poorly described, geographic distribution for viruses of the family Filoviridae in chiropteran hosts.
In conclusion, we isolated a new virus from free-ranging vespertilionid bats, which represents the only chiropteran virus isolate besides lyssavirus (rabies) found in Europe.
To whit, the frequency distributions emergent from a study of chiropteran or marsupial geographical ranges in North America, north of Mexico, would be strongly affected by the exclusion of the many chiropteran and marsupial species in Mexico and Central and South America.
infections among diverse chiropteran species in Kenya; 2) to isolate and identify detected Bartonella spp.
In recent decades, scientific interest in chiropteran species has markedly increased because bats are known hosts to zoonotic agents, such as henipaviruses, Ebola virus, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like corona viruses (1,2).
The new Texas specimens, which include rodent teeth, insectivore or chiropteran tooth fragments and fish teeth, are the first record of cricetid (Copemys) and heteromyid rodents from the Cold Spring Local Fauna.
The molecular epidemiology of rabies associated with chiropteran hosts in Mexico.
With the exception of MOKV, all lyssavirus gts and putative gts have been isolated exclusively or most frequently from chiropteran species.