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The play shows how the aging queen and the lack of a named heir result in a decay of the chivalric ideal, which Elizabeth tried desperately to revive.
For more than a hundred and fifty years, Ivanhoe has held its charm in the popular mind as the epitome of chivalric novels.
Sarrocchi was the first to introduce such passions into Italian chivalric poetry.
As Crane observes, the knight is a customary character in chivalric literature but rarely do such texts have an equine focus.
From the first day of the story, the exemplary narrator devises a plot that mimics a chivalric sally or quest and return, with a sequel to come, an accounting of days and nights whereby his protagonist's madness and illusion can be played out.
Malte Prietzel, by contrast, explores the orations of Philip the Good's prized councilor, Guillaume Fillastre (made chancellor of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1461), and shows how his extant works advance ducal leadership as the model of virtuous governance and chivalric excellence.
Novelists were the chroniclers of the mercantile world of the middle classes, romance writers glorified the chivalric deeds of knights.
He then turns the tables, looking at the attitudes of knights toward kings and clergy within their chivalric culture.
From the beginning, Wesley's paintings have been permeated by the atmosphere of this kind of ornament--by the ambience of Greek vessels, Scythian tattoos, Roman mosaic, Islamic tile work, chivalric heraldry, Gothic illumination, Edo screens, and Rococo baptisteries.
But the discussion of fairy tales and chivalric literature in the eight chapters and more than 300 pages of the book is clear evidence of its impressive, unexpected size and scope.
This mad-cap, phantasmagorical work demands an interpretation of the most driving conviction to reveal the emotional and thematic cogency which underpins its hysterical collage of woodcut medieval images: hideous terrors of the night; chivalric serenades ; dances of death; rumbustious festivities snug within banner-furling city ramparts.