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Some editors have preferred `lads' on the grounds that we would not expect ladies in a chivalric `broperhede'.
The ritual protocols of political rhetoric and chivalric display secured a public grammar for Burgundian identity, but their importance should not overshadow the enormous role literary endeavors had in shaping ducal consciousness.
She explores how the two literary genres--the chivalric romance and the novel--cast light on how a period thought about a space.
In the fifth chapter, Zatti convincingly argues that in the Cinque Canti Ariosto moves from the multiple perspective that characterized the Furioso's first edition to both a more archaic and chivalric romance and to "contemporary issues .
Lacy, `Warmongering in verse: Les Voeux du heron'; Patricia DeMarco, `Inscribing the body with meaning: chivalric culture and the norms of violence in The Vows of the Heron'; Denise N.
For example, he says, White's treatment of chivalric attitudes was heavily influenced by his experience of World War II.
Traditionally, the court had favored chivalric entertainments and French romances, attested by a 1436 inventory of the palace library that puts Petrarch in third place after Ovid and Boccaccio, but without any mention of the Canzoniere or Trionfi.
It overflows with arresting images and with apt citations that seem to take us to the very core of chivalric beliefs: `She is my niece,' said the lord of the Fens, `but .
The reception of Christine de Pizan's Fais d'armes in fifteenth century England; chivalric self-fashioning.
Burroughs closes this section with the chivalric tale of a frustrated lover galloping at top speed to break his lance against the facade of the house where his damsel is confined.
A fresh look at the role played by the chivalric romance in moulding the political and cultural shape of the New World has been long overdue.
In compiling evidence for the Klan trials and restoring a measure of law and order, he says, Merill and the cavalrymen he commanded probably did more than any other entity to undermine the Klan's portrayal as a chivalric organization and expose it as a group of hooded, brutish, homegrown terrorists.