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Chivalrously, he murmurs that he was sure I was very good during our lesson.
15) There she discovered that opposition to woman suffrage was "due to the presence of personal prejudice in favor of the old way of doing things--the prejudice of those who are in sheltered homes, with fathers, brothers, husbands and sons to stand guard chivalrously, to do everything for them, even to the expression of opinions in great and grave matters.
On hea-ring that Jodhaa does not love him, Akbar chivalrously tells her that the marriage would be consummated only when she wishes it.
THE SUITCASE: Our reporter has not even started to climb the stairs when Middlesbrough's very own knight in shining armour Kevin Price, 39, chivalrously offers to help.
JANE AUSTEN BY INCLINATION AND CONDITIONING was a natural conservative, as was the man who conducted her so chivalrously around the lower ground-floor library of Carlton House Palace, one gloomy November afternoon in 1815.
TNT chivalrously rescues September who has lost her purse similar to Sonny's rescue of Geraldine from the pouring rain in St.
But romance started to bloom when one day he chivalrously paid her bus fare.
Chivalrously, I called my wife to say I didn't expect her to provide her usual lift home and that, in the interests of harmony - and to give her more time to hoover round - I'd make my own way home on the bus.
Also, despite her off-putting icily neurotic behavior, Marlowe chivalrously rescues a secretary from the psychological abuse of her murderess employer.
The labour movement--represented largely by men--saw itself as militantly and chivalrously committed to the strike, criticizing the company's callous exploitation of female labour, but the dominant image of workers as young and single "girls" was still powerfully shaped by a male breadwinner ideal.
Despite the large role played in promoting the divestment campaign by people like Noam Chomsky, Summers had chivalrously gone out of his way to say that "Serious and thoughtful people are advocating and taking actions that are anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent.
Hoppy takes it away from her and chivalrously tells her to go back to the States and start life over without her brother.