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Whereas a wealth of recent scholarship has thoroughly dispelled the myth that the Wehrmacht acted chivalrously in the East, Wylie shows that considerations of honor and humanity at times influenced German treatment of British soldiers in captivity.
Naturally, the nauseating, shovel-faced former MP chivalrously downplayed McKeith's fate.
Hulse then chivalrously refused to celebrate - a gesture which went down well with the home fans.
Chivalrously, Dickens did not acknowledge that he himself may have contributed to the striking, phantasmagoric image of a solitary female wearing white, wandering a London street.
16) Apart from this hint--if hint it is--Swinburne chivalrously kept the identity of his lost love a closely guarded secret, although it is probable that Watts-Dunton as his most intimate friend in his latter years (and thus, Watts-Dunton's wife, Clara) would have known or guessed the truth; "I know dear Swinburne told him everything," writes Clara at the end of her recollections of Swinburne (Clara Watts-Dunton, p.
An artistic pictorial study of the female form divine is a very beautiful thing', Edwardes would chivalrously allow, in a symposium on the subject published in November in the New Review, 'but I consider that the impersonation of the nude upon the stage is calculated to do a deal of harm'.
His new job happened quite by chance after the granddaughters of the woman he chivalrously describes as his 'lady friend', Shirley, paid a visit to the Woodhorn Colliery Museum in Ashington, Northumberland.
14 ("Hence 'reckless' young men who drink and drive are transformed into arrest statistics, whereas their female counterparts are chivalrously escorted home.
The son of a Gernian cavalry officer, Nevare is taught to adhere to the strict honor code of his society, behaving chivalrously towards respectable women, acting bravely in battle, and fiercely maintaining his family's reputation for honest and forthright dealing in public.
There he brings the bedraggled Lena, whom he has chivalrously rescued from service in Zangiacomo's traveling orchestra, and probably a worse fate, and when the island is invaded by the villainous Mr.
Chivalrously, he murmurs that he was sure I was very good during our lesson.
The reader then learns that Don Fernando, "dem die ganze Wurdigkeit und Anmut [von Josephes] Betragens sehr gefiel" (154), chivalrously gives Josephe his arm.