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CHIVALRY, ancient Eng. law. This word is derived from the French chevelier, a horseman. It is. the name of a tenure of land by knight's service. Chivalry was of two kinds: the first; which was regal, or held only of the king; or common, which was held of a common person. Co. Litt. h.t.

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In this detailed, descriptive narrative for historians and general readers, Smucker goes by horseback to follow GeorgeAEs journeys in Virginia and to shed light on how GeorgeAEs physical prowess, athleticism, and chivalry helped his military and political career.
I appreciate it's a social minefield and that men may have thought I'd be offended if I was just fat, but the chivalry thing means that I'd still have been glad of it.
com, recognizes noteworthy acts of chivalry, grandiose or small, which demonstrate the positive impact that chivalrous gestures by men can have.
His 13-piece exhibition, A Paragon of Chivalry, features mixed media work in wood, paper, Styrofoam and foam board as well as various metals and it will be on display in The Galilee Chapel of Durham Cathedral from August 25 until September 20.
Chivalry must not be allowed to die - it is one of the few things left that make us proud to be British.
Maurice Keen reestablished the dignity of chivalry as part of medieval history with his vivid, wise masterpiece Chivalry [1984], and since then new vigor has filled the study of aristocratic culture through the later Middle Ages.
They seemed especially worried about the fact that women are rejecting their attempts at gallantry and chivalry.
15 ( ANI ): Women tend to frown upon traditional acts of chivalry nowadays and a noble gesture is often seen as suspicious, according to a survey.
1) Johnson's terse dismissal of chivalry stems in part from his preceding observation that 'It ought properly to be written chevalry.
And this Easter weekend, members of the Company of Chivalry, are setting up camp in Caerphilly Castle for two days of medieval fun and frolics.
of London) has written a history of chivalry in medieval England that demonstrates the pervasive impact of what was effectively a new moral code affecting society.
The considerable question of how a social class is created is comprehensively addressed in Jesus Rodriguez-Velasco's latest publication on chivalry and society in medieval Castile and Leon.