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I may have felt choiceless before but I know I have choices now.
Thronson, Choiceless Choices: Deportation and the Parent-Child Relationship, 6 NEV.
The students were recruited to the military troops through the charismatic speech of the officers, and many others were enlisted forcefully leaving them choiceless and helpless.
Informed consent may be required, but it may be a legal fig leaf with partial information and choiceless consent.
Emile's prestige and promising career is a stark contrast to Cait, whose gender, age and marital status point toward a grim and choiceless future.
We were treated as passive, sometimes ungrateful, but largely voiceless and choiceless consumers.
Had she made the money from an investment, she would still experience that choiceless utility, but she also would experience joy at having made a good decision.
Amusing it is how ignorant and choiceless we are that we elect such people, with full faith, as our leaders.
In this regard, ethics (pervaded by choice or even Lawrence Langer's choiceless choice) cannot be avoided.
1 myth--the alpha myth--is that single-payer represents a choiceless, one-size-fits-all, governmentrun health care monopsony.