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Amusing it is how ignorant and choiceless we are that we elect such people, with full faith, as our leaders.
In this regard, ethics (pervaded by choice or even Lawrence Langer's choiceless choice) cannot be avoided.
1 myth--the alpha myth--is that single-payer represents a choiceless, one-size-fits-all, governmentrun health care monopsony.
By the end of the semester the practice emphasizes choiceless awareness--a form of meditation where the contents of awareness are allowed to come and go and the student learns increasingly to identify with awareness itself.
Whistle-blower narratives: The experience of choiceless choice.
If those at a distance disappeared in the vastness of the white cube, those that were closer seemed just as ephemeral--adjectives such as HEAM, ESS, CHOICELESS, PASTLESS, and so on, conjuring absence, including that of the nouns they might modify.
The opposite encourages conflict - a point made articulately by Amartya Sen in his book on religious identity and violence: "The insistence, if only implicitly, on a choiceless singularity of human identity not only diminishes us all, it also makes the world much more flammable.
Thronson, Choiceless Choices: Deportation and the Parent-Child Relationship, 6 NEVADA L.
Because meditation must entail moment to moment choiceless awareness or mindfulness, it may be inferred that the primary dependent measure of meditation, namely muscular relaxation, is also primarily due to the mindful or choice-less awareness implicit in meditation.
He has noted that "many of the conflicts and barbarities in the world are sustained through the illusion of a unique and choiceless identity," adding that the problem is "the presumption that people can be uniquely categorized based on religion or culture.
Both religion and politics refuse to accept a choiceless world.
261) Implicit in the Court's formalism is the message that the Court is choiceless, bound by longstanding and enduring principle regardless of substantive outcome, and despite the costs to fairness and other subservient values.