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There are several reliefs carved in the choir stalls of the great Cathedral of Cologne, two on the front of the wing and another on the back.
Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Northern Ireland First Minister David Trimble took seats close together in a choir stall.
Unsurprisingly they played to a packed church so full that even the Choir stalls had to be used.
Also visible is the burnt wooden base of the choir stalls.
The large ornate interior of the chapel included a huge pipe organ fronted by choir stalls which was part of a large upstairs balcony which seemed to line the chapel.
Little did I know or imagine I would be someday be chanting in those choir stalls.
A total of PS500,000 was needed to fund essential repairs to the church tower and to the roof above the choir stalls.
There is a new stage and choir stalls while the auditorium has been re-decorated.
The Rev Andrew James said: "We have got lovely choir stalls at St Peter's but no choir.
Janacek's Sinfonietta also had an element of theatre with a dozen brass players - 12 trumpets, bass trumpets and euphoniums - high in the choir stalls blazing out fanfares resoundingly across the hall.
The fully-gowned choristers, led by Solihull School chapel organist and choirmaster Oliver Walker, rehearsed in the cathedral's Song School before taking their places in the choir stalls.