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Two-Eyes droops from a gold-toned choke chain inserted through its namesake openings, and flaunts the remains of a pair of jeans whose denim has been stripped down to the extent that only a web of seams, hems, and bands remains.
Chasing a cat up a tree, his choke chain caught on a branch and he was strangled.
But with me in Frankie's Ferrari and a choke chain round his neck, he didn't half cover the ground quickly, and I am quite sure that this rigorous regime made the difference between six winners and none.
A dog amazed its owners and a vet with its strange taste in snacks by swallowing a 16-inch metal choke chain.
The choke chain had probably been around the dog's neck since she was a puppy and had not been adjusted.
But just when all on-lookers were waiting for the choke chain to tighten like a noose around her neck, Novotna summonded up deep reserves of courage and composure to waltz through the ensuing time break.
Why is it supposed to be cruel to use a choke chain on dogs?
If you're the type who actually looks at future odds, wouldn't it now be worth taking the Atlanta Falcons, presuming they won't have the Michael Vick choke chain around their neck, at the 50-to-1 shot they are on Bodog.