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Within a week, she started to have fear whenever she would be given food to eat and would have thoughts that she would be choked by the food item, thereby leading to severe anxiety and refusal to eat.
2 : to have the trachea blocked entirely or partly <He nearly choked on a bone.
Pc Julie Kissack told an inquest at Pontypridd Magistrates' Court: ``I believe she had choked on a chocolate.
740 inch among various manufacturers, but regardless of what the bore actually measures, the barrel is choked full if its choke diameter is .
The couple lost their three-year-old daughter, Jennifer, ten years ago after she choked to death on a piece of a toy from a Kinder Surprise egg.
Flow test #1 on the Longtom 3 well over the upper sands (400 reservoir sands) achieved an initial flow rate of approximately 30 Million cubic feet of gas per day before being choked back to achieve a stabilized rate.
It is clear that he choked whilst eating the food and he died as a result of choking despite the efforts of the ambulance service who were called," he said.
Whatever merit there may be to the contention that choking is presumptively unreasonable, the point is irrelevant in light of the fact that Holman wasn't choked.
One of the most interesting questions that often comes up when discussing chokes is whether or not a full choked 28 gauge, for example, throws the same pattern as a full choked 12 gauge.
For example, choked tapered sprues are a proverbial recommendation of gating manuals.
release sent at 8:00 am ET this morning, the first sentence, first paragraph should have read "Initial flow rates have been choked back to a combined 350 mcf/d" instead of "Initial flow rates have been choked back to a combined 350 million cubic feet a day (mcf/d)".