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Rather than reduce the number of gun-hunting days, put in antler restrictions or go to limited either-sex permits, Indiana officials chose to encourage hunters to be choosier in buck selection.
Consumers were choosier with clicks as Christmas Season paid search impressions were up 18% but clicks were down 2%
As predicted, males are choosier than females (Rosenqvist, 1990; Berglund & Rosenqvist, 1993).
8220;It has to be said that, by and large, the results of our survey brought few surprises: after all, cardholders are becoming choosier about the cards they use, as well their design features,” notes Margarita Garasimova, Uniastrum's Vice President of Marketing.
The new plan also realizes the increasing significance of intra- Africa trade to Kenya as conventional European markets becomes choosier in what it imports and from where in addition to the economic difficulties in the region that has diminished its buying power.
editor Martyn Hocking said: "With household budgets squeezed, people are becoming choosier about when and how they buy products.
Struthers, just two weeks into his new job, has also expressed a desire for the strike-rate of successful appeals to be upped through jockeys being choosier when it comes to deciding whether to challenge raceday stewards' verdicts.
The Oscar-winning actor is best known for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy His contract with director George Lucas guaranteed him two per cent of the profit from the blockbuster films and the resulting financial security made him even choosier about live stage roles.
When people have less money they are choosier about how they spend it, which is why great service and affordable prices are so important to deliver.
And the choosier I get, looking for older and bigger bucks each season, means it takes more and more time to fill both tags.
A study found that people are choosier when they're approached by a potential partner, and less choosy when they're doing the approaching.