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In light of these considerations, many people might argue that active choosing deserves some kind of pride of place, especially if it is accompanied by efforts to improve or "boost" people's capacities, perhaps by providing them with information, perhaps by increasing their statistical literacy.
Type of practice- Before choosing your consultant, you should first find out school of consultant.
In many contexts, an insistence on active choosing should be seen as a form of paternalism rather than as an alternative to it.
Most of the people who chose prescription drugs/painkillers as the most dangerous drugs came from the US West while the US Midwest held the majority for choosing heroin/cocaine as the most dangerous drugs and the US South held the majority among those who chose marijuana as the most dangerous drug.
What a beer world we inhabit, so anciently diverse and strewn with choice that it is difficult to know what to choose, and some refrain from choosing at all.
Because they have the freedom and the capability of choosing any field they want to.
However, in 2009 Americans were nearly split on which country was the dominant economic power, with 39 percent choosing China and 37 percent choosing the United States.
BLACK is back in fashion with increasing numbers now choosing it as the colour of their new car.
Author Donald Kraus offers a condensed survey of his 20 years of experience professionally assessing, publishing, describing, and defending different Bible translations for readers of all backgrounds in Choosing a Bible: For Worship, Teaching, Study, Preaching, and Prayer.
Similarly, I encountered boys who simply wanted the option of choosing what interested them for their reading material.
In choosing a control for the potential confounder of increasing symptoms on medication use, we chose three symptoms that are directly related (locally) to the nose: nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, and dysosmia.
When choosing an acceptable investment lineup, the process can be extensive and should be documented well.