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Her mouth opened, the saliva drooled forth, and she licked her chops with the pleasure of anticipation.
In tricks and skill and experience he was the master, and though he could land nothing vital, he proceeded scientifically to chop and wear down his opponent.
So you just climb out and chop firewood, and plenty of it.
Nicholas suggested cold meat, but there was no cold meat--poached eggs, but there were no eggs--mutton chops, but there wasn't a mutton chop within three miles, though there had been more last week than they knew what to do with, and would be an extraordinary supply the day after tomorrow.
I'll have to chop a cord of yours now in order to make this up to you.
Sombre of mind and without appetite, I struggled with the chop while Mrs.
Bounderby (whom he just knew by sight), at lunch on chop and sherry.
and when I go to the houses one wants a leg of mutton for an early dinner and I must be back with it in a quarter of an hour; another cook has forgotten to order the beef; I must go and fetch it and be back in no time, or the mistress will scold; and the housekeeper says they have company coming unexpectedly and must have some chops sent up directly; and the lady at No.
Snagsby about their cooking chops at the Sol's Arms.
Hot mutton chops, fried chicken, omelettes, fried potatoes and coffee-- all excellent.
No sooner had they bought the chops than they scurried away like two gleeful children to cook them.
At 7 o'clock the coffee was made and the frying-pan was on the back of the stove hot and ready to cook the chops.