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To sum up - sweep the ball away off good lies, chop down on the ball if you have a poor lie.
While some of the remaining forests are protected, many people often illegally chop down the forests' trees to sell the wood for much needed income.
Some loggers also chop down valuable trees like mahogany to make fancy furniture.
Which gives a whole new slant to the phrase: "How many trees did they chop down to write that load of old rubbish?
On June 24 last year, Urfer and Sprong used a hand saw to chop down three transmission poles at the Navy's ELF facility in Clam Lake, Wisconsin, dismantling it for twenty-four hours.
As the voracious fungus eats its way into the cacao plants, causing leaves to shrivel and the fruit to putrefy from within, many cash-strapped growers are forced to chop down and sell the tall-standing trees that grant them the necessary shade to grow the plants.
The findings call into question a widely used estimate of the carbon dioxide emitted when residents of the tropics chop down trees, burn vegetation, and convert forests into pastures and crop fields.
The suggestion of the practical businessman Lopakhin that the family chop down the orchard and build houses on the land is met with horror.