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Here is the axe with which I chopped off my finger.
And that same day the score of new recruits chopped off the two white men's head, killed the boat's crew, and burned the ketch.
MULTAN -- A landlord in Khanewal allegedly chopped off the nose of a seven-year-old boy, accusing him of stealing sugarcane from the fields.
A 48-year-old man, Gbenga Odebiyi, who allegedly chopped off a man's right thumb, was on Wednesday arraigned in an Ikeja Magistrates' Court.
Once he was unconscious, she allegedly chopped off his genitals and then got rid of them by flushing them down the toilet.
A family of a young lady who was attacked and chopped off her hand by a known assailant in Kuresoi on Christmas even is demanding justice.
Any fingers or hands raised at him should be either broken or chopped off," he said while addressing a function in Patna.
Locals told media that a group of masked men chopped off the braid of a 30-year-old woman when she was doing some chores in the courtyard of her house in Brakpora village, three kilometers away from Islamabad town.
ISLAMABAD -- Beard of a man , in Indian occupied Kashmir, was chopped off by unknown persons in Batamaloo area of Srinagar.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 17 (ANI): Incidents of braid-chopping, which have been happening in every corner of the country, have started occurring in Mumbai too, even as reports of three women's hair being chopped off have come up.
Her neck, her ears been chopped off, her jaw's been broken.
Dubai: A student, who attacked two employees with a sword and chopped off their fingers in a road rage incident, has had his case dropped after having reconciled with the victims.