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When I began chopping again, my axe slipped and cut off my right leg.
If there’s any sin in chopping them, I’ve a pretty heavy account to settle; for I’ve chopped over the best half of a thousand acres, with my own hands, counting both Varmount and York States; and I hope to live to finish the whull, before I lay up my axe.
Several hours' work a day, chopping firewood for the steamboat companies, sufficed to keep him in food.
One morning Hall came over and watched Billy chopping wood for Saxon.
He worked away for an hour, all the while delivering an exposition on the art of chopping wood.
Chopping down young saplings, he made them cross-bars of a scaffold by lashing them high up to the trunks of standing trees.
There were still several hours of grey daylight and sombre twilight, and he utilised them in chopping an enormous supply of fire-wood.