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It may be proper to remind the reader, that the chorus of
the chorus to the hymns of those venerable persons when
Murmurs of delight and anxiety to join in the chorus.
And I - and I - Oh, well, we'll get on to the chorus, and chance it (SINGS):
When she broke into the swift rattling measures of a chorus some half-tipsy men near the stage joined in the rollicking refrain and glasses were pounded rhythmically upon the tables.
And a great many voices all said together ('like the chorus of a song,' thought Alice), 'Don't keep him waiting, child
I ask pardon for this short appearance, by way of chorus, on the stage.
Caesar had his Brutus--the cotton has its boliworm, the chorus girl has her Pittsburger, the summer boarder has his poison ivy, the hero has his Carnegie medal, art has its Morgan, the rose has its--"
After a pause, one half of the children cried in chorus, 'Yes, sir
Lord Decimus was to be there, Mr Tite Barnacle was to be there, the pleasant young Barnacle was to be there; and the Chorus of Parliamentary Barnacles who went about the provinces when the House was up, warbling the praises of their Chief, were to be represented there.
At the miserable master's nod, the shrill chorus arose: 'Bradley Headstone
Not knowing what might be the consequences of irritating her friend, and trembling with the fear of doing so, poor Nell sang him some little ditty which she had learned in happier times, and which was so agreeable to his ear, that on its conclusion he in the same peremptory manner requested to be favoured with another, to which he was so obliging as to roar a chorus to no particular tune, and with no words at all, but which amply made up in its amazing energy for its deficiency in other respects.