chosen few

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A few years ago he had landed in England friendless and unknown, to-day he had stepped out from even amongst the chosen few and had planted his feet in the higher lands whither the faces of all men are turned.
This place, to which only a chosen few were admitted, looked like a chapel and a second-hand shop, so filled was it with devotional and heterogeneous things.
But if there is an absolute necessity for their mention, a chosen few might hear them in a mystery, and they should sacrifice not a common [Eleusinian] pig, but some huge and unprocurable victim; and then the number of the hearers will be very few indeed.
I show him, in the way you have seen, to a chosen few.
He foresaw honour and credit in the mouths of a chosen few, coming to him from his pupil.
A CARDIFF University student turned DJ for the day after being picked as one of the chosen few to present BBC Radio 1's Tinsel Takeover.
The wages of sin are more than ample but, only for the chosen few.
Eventually, only the chosen few will be able to afford to drive.
History warns us that we are overdue a variation on the theme, which could be nature's own work or indeed man-made - this avian flu thingy is perhaps a starter for ten - but one thing is for sure, only the chosen few will survive.
Notorious ladies man Lee was at Newz to launch his solo album, wowing the girlies with a few songs off his CD before dancing the night away with a chosen few.
We understand perfectly well that Brussels has become one big gravy train for the chosen few and their cronies who spend our money like it was their own.
Companies can only afford to send the chosen few to training.