chosen representative

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The people own this country and they cannot be suppressed forever from their right to rule themselves through their chosen representative.
All of the specially packaged food created during the course is either dropped off or picked up by the chosen representative of the organization.
In his decision, he noted as firmly grounded that "each party to a collective bargaining relationship has both the right to select its representative for bargaining and negotiations and the duty to deal with the chosen representative of the other party.
And his chosen representative must always be respected.
THE Lord Mayor of Liverpool is known as the first citizen and chosen representative of the city.
All enduring relationships have to be built on the feelings and attitudes of the people and their chosen representative," expressed Aziz.
Big Ridge's employees are currently suffering significant harm due to the employer's refusal to bargain collectively with their chosen representative, and UMWA's ability to represent the employees' interests in the future will likely suffer irreparable harm in the absence of interim injunctive relief," Murphy said.
Southern raiders from Mark Johnston's Middleham base always have to be respected and Peregrine Falcon is the chosen representative from three initial entries in the HBLB Conditions Stakes at Lingfield.
And there is a trade-off between making more seats competitive and allowing ``communities of interest,'' such as ethnic minorities, to elect their chosen representative.
If your chosen representative is not available you can ask for the meeting to be postponed for up to five days.
Our brave lads have a mission, dictated from above, though they're kept in the dark about its precise aims and objectives and rely on their master's chosen representative, a flat-footed nobody.
God's chosen representative on the field, the referee, frequently blows a whistle because for most of the time neither he, the players, nor the spectators have any idea how to interpret the commandments or rules thus making the whole ceremony even more turgid and boring, making the prospect of acquiring further converts unlikely.