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Chroma is selected from gradations within the B tabs B1, B2, B3, and B4.
In high chroma pearlescent pigments, multilayer pigments containing additional layers of metal oxides with different refractive indices are well known.
Complimentary skills in lighting, designed to be original and eye catching are one of the many reasons that make Chroma Life stand out .
ValiRx Plc WH Ireland Chroma Therapeutics GTH Communications
Second, we performed spectral-reflectance measurements from 360 to 740 nm at 10-nm intervals, for each of the chips on our 6 soil-colour charts (except those with chroma notation/0 in the USA 1975 edition) using a Minolta CM-2600d spectrophotometer.
They also had higher chroma and hue angle and lower lightness after one coating of 10 cm.
chroma AD is a New York-based design studio led by Alexis Briski.
Chroma Graphics will introduce the line at the Christian Booksellers Association Show and the annual Precious Moments Licensee Show & Swap 'N Sell Collectors' Event this month.
Chroma Couture uses the JDSU SpectraFlair Bright Silver pigment to create a luxurious brown face in combination with a rich dark side-tone color.
Chroma also announces that a report from the Canadian government affiliate Recyc-Quebec shows products made with this masterbatch do not contaminate the recycled-resin stream.
Exceptional brilliance and ultra-high chroma enable the creation of novel designs in the orange to red shade area, according to the company.
The Chroma AT EVO integrates several technological solutions which result from the Matrix platform--for example, the long vacuum main conveyor for better web tension control; the automatic "zero speed" standalone unwinders; the servomotor motorization which assures swift and straightforward changes; the HMI-Human Machine Interface- system which streamlines the operator's work--and is able to produce more than three million products per month at a top production speed of 200 meters per minute.