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A total of 168 metaphases in control group were counted, of which 124 were normal and 44 had chromosomal aberrations (ACs).
This is the first study which evaluated in vivo genotoxicity of ZnO nanorods, exposed to mice orally using three standard test systems micronucleus assay, alkaline comet assay, chromosomal aberration assay.
In a preliminary study, we previously showed that enhanced UV-B radiation could inhibit the frequency of mitotic cell divisions in wheat and cause chromosomal aberrations, including partition-bundle division (Rong et al.
Kaur H, Kalotra R, Walia GK, Handa D (2013) Genotoxic effects of dyeing industry effluent on a freshwater fish, Cirrhinus mrigala by chromosomal aberration test.
Chromosomal aberration is principally due to double strand breakage (DSB).
After this the root tips were hydrolyzed in 1N HCL at 60[degrees]C for 10 minutes and stained with acetocarmine for 20 minutes and then squashed on glass slide under 45% acetic acid to determine the mitotic index and the presence of chromosomal aberrations.
CTAs = Chromatid-type aberrations, CSAs = Chromosome-type aberrations, CAs = Chromosomal aberrations, SD = Standard deviation
However, it is worth mentioning that the phytochemicals in these vegetables could significantly suppress cell division in eukaryotic cells, and may induce chromosomal aberrations at higher concentrations.
There was no difference in frequency of chromosomal aberration between the two different culturing procedures used for barley transformation.
It was observed that with the three disparate doses of heptaplatin significantly high levels of chromosomal aberration were seen in animals in the initial 24 h, compared to the normal group but these gradually reduced after 48 and 72 h.
Furthermore chromosomal aberration (CA) frequency increased but not of mitotic index (P less than 0.