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The second group of mediators relates to the chronicity of uncertainty: the length of time an individual is exposed to uncertainty and a change in perception about the illness (Penrod, 2007).
18) Although chronicity including crypt architectural distortion and Paneth cells in the left colon may be seen in mycophenolate mofetil-associated colitis, the additional pattern of injury, such as crypt apoptosis and isolated crypt damage, may be conspicuous compared with IBD.
s (6) view that chronicity and severity are separate clinical dimensions of depression.
In addition, the alliance-outcome link remained even after we controlled for pretreatment symptom levels, the chronicity of clients' presenting problems, motivation, and treatment expectancy.
On this reflection, on how to provide a proper approach to the previously raised questions, some keys have been defined in the Strategy to Address Chronicity by the Spanish National Health System (5); Bengoa (8) and the World Health Organization (9) had already expressed their reflections by indicating that it is necessary to propose changes in the health services provision model, where self-care is one of its essential elements.
1,2 The most serious complications of hepatitis (B, C) are the progression to chronicity (chronic liver disease) and development of cirrhosis3 and hepatocellular carcinoma.
Additionally, correlation with previous imaging may give further information about chronicity and stability.
However, scores also were affected by maternal psychiatric history, including depression, psychosis, or chronicity and severity of maternal psychiatric illness.
It is not a statement of severity, chronicity, underlying disease, or anything other than acute lung infection.
This is associated with a high recurrence rate and chronicity of otorhinolaryngology infections (6).
Similarly, the estimated rate of hepatitis chronicity was markedly higher in the children born to HBeAg-positive mothers (54%) than in those born to HBeAg-negative mothers (17%).

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