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Willum's sweetheart is in the "veast" somewhere, and has strictly enjoined him not to get his head broke at back-swording, on pain of her highest displeasure; but as she is not to be seen (the women pretend not to like to see the backsword play, and keep away from the stage), and as his hat is decidedly getting old, he chucks it on to the stage, and follows himself, hoping that he will only have to break other people's heads, or that, after all, Rachel won't really mind.
Chuck D: Someone like Jay-Z does have a timeless quality, but it's much different than ours.
While athletic directing at Pitcairn, PA, in the 1940s, Chuck ran into Red parked in a car with picnic basket and a Thermos of coffee.
At any performance of the African American Dance Ensemble, artistic director, Chuck Davis, a supertall, joyous presence in vivid robes, entices you into the experience of the bantaba.
Chuck loved to work and his passion for it resulted in the passing of a work ethic along to the young folks learning the trade from him.
I have to go with Jack Sparrow - his off-balance pirate fighting would be too much for Chuck Norris
I'm going to have to (punch) with Chuck Liddell in order to eventually take him down.
When Chuck Norris sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and includes only a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack.
The words used to describe Chuck from various points of the globe were consistent.
Chuck and Billy (who always make it a point to assert their real-life heterosexuality to interviewers) were faves among wrestling fans and queer watchdog groups alike.
Both artists are banking on the success of their online ventures: Chuck (photo above right) heads up Rapstation.
Chuck Fern and Joel Lubin have been business partners for nearly 12 years having previously served as Executive Vice Presidents of Weichert Commercial.