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What Metcalf is really saying, whether he means to or not, is that poetry is about fancy stuff like the cincture of the zodiac, not the Union Central pullin' out.
The one wearing gray Dockers adjustable-waist pleated pants, a navy blue sweater and Hush Puppies slip-ons and holding the paten he was just handed by the man in an alb, a cincture, an embroidered chasuble, a stole and Orthaheel Walking Shoes?
In the ctenostome bryozoans Bowerbankia and Alcyonidium, a layer of cincture cells surrounds the rosette cells and lines the pore (Gordon, 1974).
How different is the Lincoln Memorial, a foursquare citadel; here the theme is heroic fortitude--a cincture of closely spaced columns, huddled together about the windowless central shrine, expressing endurance.
Someone had used a Sharpie to draw Candace as a round monk in a robe, complete with sandals and a triple-knotted cincture circumnavigating her hyperbolically inflated belly.
It is this cincture of noble edifices that has given Pienza its lasting distinction and has supported its claim as "the first ideal city of the Renaissance to take on visible form" and "one of the first pieces of regular town planning since Roman days.
Such of late Columbus found the American so girt With feathered cincture, naked else and wile Among the trees on isles and woody shores.
When writing his huge, cyclical novels, Balzac routinely worked throughout the night, fortified by very strong coffee and, strangely, wearing the white robes of an Augustinian, complete with a rope cincture.
There has been built also 44 km channel, 298 km granite cincture, 8 pedestrian tunnel and many gallery, bridge were also built in the compound of project.
Discipleship is to adore the master (muridi pir parasti buwad) and to gird oneself with the cincture of Almighty God and his Prophet (peace be upon him
Kind was her heart, and Faith, a cincture bright/Around her soul diffus'd a heavenly light," wrote her son's tutor after her death (Butt, 1793, 1:202).