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euryodon of a parastyle in the P4, starting from the union of the anterior crista of the paracone with the cingulum (NAP XV 76'08).
The mesoloph on M1 is well-developed, extends from the median mure to the labial cingulum, and is fused with mesostyle.
5 mm finish line and a cingulum rest seat, incisally the finishline was 2 mm below incisal edge.
5T) individuals with schizophrenia in the cerebral peduncle, frontal regions, inferior temporal gyrus, medial parietal lobes, hippocampal gyrus, insula, right anterior cingulum bundle, and right corona radiata.
Though the Parson would have worn a cingulum ('girdle') when serving mass, there is no reason to expect him to travel the road to Canterbury wearing one.
Direct retainer, embrasure clasp was placed in the embressue of 37 and 36, 35 and 34 and cingulum rest on 33.
They found that, from childhood into early adulthood, differences in fractional anisotropy -- a measure of connectivity -- of the cingulum were associated with executive functioning, whereas fractional anisotropy of the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus was associated with visual learning and global cognitive performance via speed of processing.
Mayberg and Hamani apply DBS of the white matter cingulum and describe neuroanatomical structural changes similar to the effects of a favourable response to the treatment with antidepressants [9, 33].
The epitheca is slightly convex, separated from the cingulum by a rather wide list supported by several ribs.
genovensium: greatly elongated muzzle; forearm longer that 40 mm; rostrum clearly longer than the braincase; premaxillary bones projected beyond the canines, producing a triangular projection; flat palate; "V" shaped medial posterior margin of the palate; all incisors (upper and lower) in contact; upper incisors projecting forward, almost as an extension of the rostrum; flattened lingual surface of upper canines; upper premolars longer and narrower; first upper premolar short and lacks the labial cingulum; the second upper premolar presents a weakly labial cingulum and an accessory posterior cuspid; metastyles of the upper molars are reduced; weakly trifid lower incisors; lower canines with a lingual cingulum; and entoconid absent in all lower molars (Figs.
2] Ad quod quidem fideliter sentiendum et pie, non solum inducit officium quod habuit, vocandi ad fletum et planctum, calvitium et cingulum sacci signandique Thau super frontes virorum gementium et dolentium (cfr.
32), the medially constricted gonopod aperture, the unconnected gonopod coxae, a distinct postfemoral cingulum (constriction or girdle) in the gonopods (Fig.