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It's now up to Sanchez to circle the wagons for a daunting trip to Manchester next month.
Even a poor quality side will make life very difficult for their opponents if they circle the wagons.
CLECs will circle the wagons, regroup and return to the fundamentals.
It's obvious from the $10,000 daily fining that the people in the Department of Motor Vehicles' ivory tower know they blew it," he added, "but instead of cutting their losses and following the court's ruling, they have decided to circle the wagons around a bad decision in order to save face.
The intent of Verney and other unethical execomm members is to circle the wagons and shoot at one another in order to strike down the promise of the grassroots movement.
Hopefully, the antitrust lawsuit we filed on June 30 has sent a message to U S West that it can't circle the wagons in its 14-state territory forever.
But Munster somehow managed to circle the wagons, dig in, and come out with a 10-point victory in the Arms Park.
And the entire work of a generation of peacemakers was put at risk as the authority of the largest unionist party was undermined, causing DUP strategists frantically to circle the wagons and leave Iris out to dry.