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So if your competitors are circling the wagons, maybe your best option is to charge full speed ahead.
CEOs need to make some high profile decisions to say to people that it's not acceptable because, at the moment, the men are circling the wagons," he added.
Creditors [are] circling the wagons to control risk," Wasson said.
Even as financial markets look to be recovering, it is only because governments are circling the wagons and dumping money into protecting banks.
Written by award finalist author and former bishop Carol Lynn Pearson, No More Goodbyes: Circling the Wagons Around Our Gay Loved Ones is a collection of true vignettes about religious Mormon people who relate to their gay loved ones, who are in turn often condemned by the church (and according to some people's beliefs, by God) for their homosexuality.
Last month, when word was first out that the Senlis Council intended to release their latest report on the situation in southern Afghanistan, the Canadian Defence establishment immediately began circling the wagons.