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As a litany is a form of public (often penitential) prayer mapped out in a series of call and response between priest and congregation, we can read the poem's Lambda-based structure of circuity as a call-and-response format in and by itself.
Circuity is the ratio of passenger itinerary miles flown to nonstop miles between origin-destination market endpoints in a quarter.
SEVEN people were arrested in Barry thanks to information provided by the Vale of Glamorgan's closed circuity television camera team.
1971) (indicating that duplication and circuity justify denial of motion).
12) which, in an "ex-centric communicative circuity [.
underwriters, banks, and others (64) in every federal circuity Although
The Circuity of the Human Spinal Cord: Its Role in Motor Control and Movement Disorders.
Although many contested that the harsh regime established under the Rockefeller Drug Laws constituted cruel and unusual punishment, the laws were upheld by both the New York Court of Appeals and the Second Circuity In People v.
Of all the reasons offered for the modern trend, most compelling are that i) the personal representative does--at least through modern eyes--act as an agent, and ii) it is inefficient to require a circuity of actions for what is best resolved in a single claim.
Second, some of the miles per truck since 1977 may have been more productive as a result of a decrease in circuity that followed the abandonment of route restrictions imposed by economic regulation of the trucking industry.
More vesicles than vessels, the glistening biomorphic ceramic bodies, proliferating in ever-expanding networks like mitotic cells embraced by the intricate circuity of a vascular system, retain their individuality yet surrender autonomy to the requisites of a larger tissue.