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The survey was circularized first to the participants of the Seminar and Business Roundtable on carbon markets held in the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires (BCBA) in 2008.
Two days later Kubijovyc, Zhukovsky, and Markus circularized the same editors, requesting that they send their changes and entries to Sarcelles.
Olympia has circularized its Bank and its major customers and has received assurances that they also expect to be Year 2000 compliant by year-end.
In the present study, we amplified circularized V[beta] subfamily-specific padlock probes by PCR and identified the products by hybridization to microarrays, simultaneously revealing the relative abundance of each subfamily in relation to a reference sample.
The patent protects detection of genetic sequences by formation circularized probes that are subsequently linearized and amplified for detection.
The elliptical blue laser beam must be circularized and focused into collimated beams or spots, as well as for efficient fiber optic coupling.
Amplification of a circularized probe by RCA requires the first primer to hybridize to its complementary region on the probe backbone.
A third maneuver follows later today and the orbit will be circularized in the rendezvous altitude Saturday morning, May 9.