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She responded: "I can't comment on the mind of Chief Superintendent Rooney when he wrote and circulated it.
The rumor was a variation of an old one that circulated last year stating that Alvarez was poised to replace Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade.
sup][10] Combining these findings together, researchers defined these blood-borne fibroblast-like cells as circulating fibrocytes and supposed that these cells circulated in the blood stream, mobilized to wound sites, and contributed to wound healing.
Melbourne, December 20 ( ANI ): A mother and daughter duo, who had posed topless in a hot tub together, have got into trouble, after the pic got circulated around local schools.
His daughter had added that the new bride is in her thirties and not in her twenties as was circulated.
No ethnic and other clashes or tensions are projected in the nearest future, they said in their comments on the rumors circulated in the region about possible resumption of ethnic clashes with the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
Maliciously, and without cause, circulates or causes to be circulated, either verbally or in writing, any rumor with the intent to injuriously affect the financial standing or reputation of any bank doing business in this state;
2 : to pass or be passed from place to place or from person to person <The rumor circulated around the school.
H5N1 influenza viruses have continuously circulated in southeastern Asia since 1996 (1-5).
The information about the dangers of water bottle reuse that was circulated back in 2003 was found to be baseless, but nevertheless continues to pop up from time to time.