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CIRCULATING MEDIUM. By this term is understood whatever is used in making payments, as money, bank notes, or paper which passes from hand to hand in payment of goods, or debts.

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in which Mm is the mass of sampled media, Mc is the mass of sampled coal solids (plus 28 mesh only), Ic is the estimated density of the coal solids, and Im is the density of the circulating media.
The quality of the circulating media can have a large influence on HMC performance.
Media bleed systems that divert media from only the clean coal circuit will tend to create a circulating media that is coarser.
In the United States, the government monopoly on the issue of circulating media of exchange resulted from the federal taxation after the Civil War of the notes issued by state-chartered banks, and from the elimination of the supply of government bonds qualifying as backing for notes issued by national banks.
Laissez Faire Banking and Circulating Media of Exchange.
Film Ideas will also have non-exclusive rights to many physical distribution channels like satellite, distance learning systems, public and private schools, colleges, universities, Circulating Media Centers, agencies that serve school-age children, day care centers, public libraries, summer camps, penal institutions, the transportation industry, health related agencies, business and industry, museums, and film societies.
It also became harder for refugees already residing in Egypt, since Morsi's ouster was followed by widely circulating media reports that accused Syrians of siding with the Muslim Brotherhood and taking part in their sit-ins.
The statement added that the deal, contrary to circulating media reports, was a comprehensive arrangement rather than one only relating to the U.