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CIRCULATING MEDIUM. By this term is understood whatever is used in making payments, as money, bank notes, or paper which passes from hand to hand in payment of goods, or debts.

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Monetary systems that include the private provision of circulating media of exchange were not uncommon in the past.
In the earlier definition, inflation is something that happens to the circulating media at a given price level; in the later definition, an inflating currency is defined to exist when it produces a rise in the general price level, as suggested by the quantity theory.
Film Ideas will also have non-exclusive rights to many physical distribution channels like satellite, distance learning systems, public and private schools, colleges, universities, Circulating Media Centers, agencies that serve school-age children, day care centers, public libraries, summer camps, penal institutions, the transportation industry, health related agencies, business and industry, museums, and film societies.
The statement added that the deal, contrary to circulating media reports, was a comprehensive arrangement rather than one only relating to the U.