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A number of students will 'know' (that is, be able to recite) the formula for the circumference and area of a circle and a number of the digits for [pi].
Several other researchers showed a significant correlation between swimming execution with chest and shoulders circumferences [5,13] and palms length [2], too.
Thus, there was not one natural 'cutpoint' for waist circumference that could be used in the clinic, as risk increased across the spectrum of circumferences.
Macroencephaly, defined as a head circumference greater than the 97th percentile, is a common physical characteristic of children with autism spectrum disorders, said Dr.
For Raters I and II, computations using abdominal circumferences resulted in the lowest mean PsOG.
They compared the most widely used charts with actual measurements and found that the most commonly used chart would lead to a diagnosis of macrocephaly, defined as a head circumference above the 95th percentile for age, in 2.
TriPollar(TM) Technology Proven as an Effective Modality for Immediate and Long Term Body Contouring and Circumference Reduction
The mean weight, BMI, MUAC, waist and hip circumferences and WHR at baseline and 24 weeks after the initiation of HAART are set out in Table II.
In the 1970s, William Thurstou, now also at Cornell, described a way to build an approximate physical model of the hyperbolic plane by taping together paper arcs into rings whose circumferences grow exponentially.
Live weight, chest circumference, and tail circumferences were recorded at the commencement and cessation of breeding.
In the March 2004 issue of EHP, the Mount Sinai researchers reported finding that infants exposed to chlorpyrifos in utero were born with smaller head circumferences, but only if their mothers also had low levels of PON1 activity, says center scientist James Wetmur, a professor of microbiology and human genetics.
The team at Karolinska University Hospital, in Stockholm, studied 2,746 healthy male and female volunteers aged 18 to 72 with waist circumferences between 65cm and 150cm.