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Common trunk of subscapular and circumflex humeral artery, which further divides into anterior and posterior cirumflex humeral arteries are rarely reported in the literatures.
6) In the present case the common trunk which further gives rise to the lateral thoracic, thoraco-dorsal, circumflex scapular arteries and continues as the posterior circumflex humeral artery may be considered as the deep brachial artery in accordance with the studies of the previous researchers.
During a routine dissection of the coronary artery we could detect the circumflex branch originating from the right coronary artery (Fig.
The important structures at risk are the axillary nerve and the posterior humeral circumflex artery, the anterior branch of the axillary nerve, and the cephalic vein, biceps tendon, and musculocutaneous nerve.
Circumflex arteries were found to have the least incidence of stenosis with just 2 cases of severe stenosis.
The left coronary artery originated in the left sinus of the aortic bulb, followed a short path and bifurcated to yield the paraconal interventricular and circumflex branches as shown in Figure 1.
8 The femoral head necrosis may be related to time from injury to surgery, original or iatrogenic injury of medial femoral circumflex artery.
3) It is most commonly seen in the right coronary artery (40%), followed by the left anterior descending artery (29%), left circumflex artery (24%) and left main artery (7%).
The Academie Francaise, an organization charged with preserving the rules of the French language, has simplified another 2,400 spellings and has gone so far as to remove the circumflex mark (^) from certain words.
The circumflex accent will become optional for many words, as will other spelling changes which have purists rubbing their eyes -- much like the effect of peeling an onion, which can now be spelled "ognon" as well as the traditional "oignon.
The overhaul has prompted outrage among some in France afraid of losing one of their most believed accents - the circumflex, the Guardian (http://www.