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While none of these works, nor even the quintet as a whole, can fairly lay claim to definitiveness on the topic (economic and foreign policies go generally underattended throughout), each enriches the already expansive literature of the field, and their publication attests to the New Right as perhaps the most fertile analytical ground available for scholars seeking to understand the contemporary United States in all its circumlocutory political perversity.
Too abstract, circumlocutory, and rhetorical for his taste, Ben-Gurion spurned the stylish Sharett version, which is still extant.
s translation reflects her straight-to-the-point approach; he thankfully resists the temptation, succumbed to by McCail, to elaborate on the Greek, and make the scene appear more sophisticated than it is, and Lykainion more eloquent or circumlocutory than she is.
Saca also used the call to make a circumlocutory inference that the threats were of FMLN origin.
The change in language affected Congress and, on its face, had nothing to do with the executive, but if it did, the route to a substantive conception of executive power could not have been more circumlocutory by design.