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Veronika Mertens's 1991 Freiburg (Breisgau) dissertation, published as Die drei Grazien, seeks to circumscribe the many traditions that animated this remarkably fertile allegory in the early modern period.
One of the curiosities of scholarship in our field is that modern national boundaries have served to circumscribe scholarly research as well as political territory.
These were bound closed, as if to admit that the profusion of supplements could not circumscribe the "event.
The lines of the horizontally layered slats circumscribe the volume of the sculpture and define a large area of surface tension.
This play tends to be open-ended, but Lestringant's analysis of the ninth chapter shows how Rabelais uses topography and geometry to circumscribe the range of meanings.
Fish's emerging masculinity is thus systematically unmade in terms of a positive racial or sexual identity, for it is formed within an arena of white power which circumscribes entrance into the social world by persistently threatening the black male subject with total erasure and indeterminacy.
Ours is a jaundiced view of the United Nations; we see little nobility in its Children's Charter, which circumscribes the rights of parents, or in its repeated attempts to force abortion, contraception, and sterilization on Third World nations.