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Particularly in Cypereae, the generic circumscriptions being currently established need to incorporate new evidence from morphology, and the reinterpretation of the morphological characters in the context of the current Cypereae (Muasya et al.
Introduction: Circumscription and the evolution of society.
Career decision making involves both circumscription and compromise, which constitute the third and fourth developmental processes described by Gottfredson (2005).
For research articles in particular, the life-span, life-space theory; the relational theory of working; and the theory of circumscription and compromise were also prevalent.
The key lies in alignment, which is made possible by hope, which enables us to make the connection between the local and the global, between the particular and the general, between the narrow circumscription and the much wider environment extending to the rest of the world.
Our contribution to the circumscription of campo rupestre provided herein is based on the following premises: (1) the classification of vegetation is not an exact science, and it is difficult to attain a high degree of consensus to the circumscription of vegetation names; (2) vegetation classification is useful for conservation and management.
It was also regulated the fact that in the counties where there were partial elections in one electoral circumscription, was not constituted a county electoral bureau, the solving of the notifications that regard the electoral fraud is made by the Court to which that electoral circumscription belongs, with the delivery made at no more than 3 days from the registration (Naumescu, 2003: 98).
If the German literature discussed in Part One focused on re-descriptions of the past and the Hebrew literature considered in Part Two included ethically and politically ambivalent situations in its re-descriptions that challenge readers' own potential/imagined responses, Part Three plays up the circumscription of actionable trajectories on the plane of human agency in contemporary literature since 1989 and 2001.
This variety is key, for it speaks both to the experimental and empirical nature of pliage, and to the larger oscillation in Hantars work between immersion and circumscription, between the desire to "lose himself" in painting and the active recovery of limits.
The recent circumscription recognized this family on the basis of a number of morphological and molecular data which divided it into four traditional families: Tiliaceae, Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae and Malvaceae sensu stricto (s.
Though this circumscription is absolutely necessary and defensible on logistical grounds in order both to ensure a manageable scope of the project as well as remain in the orbit of von Balthasar's own approach, readers, along with Bychkov, will recognize the abundant incidence of aesthetic outliers: that is, "not all sensory (aisthetic) experiences are revelatory and not all revelatory experiences are sensory (aisthetic)" (326).
The scale is based on of Gottfredson"s (1981) theory of occupational aspirations that explains two interrelated models; the circumscription model that illustrates the process by which occupational aspirations develop through a zone of acceptable alternatives; and compromise model that highlights those elements which are internalized at an earlier age will be more resistant to change than those internalized at later development.