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What is a genus in Cypereae: Phytogeny, character homology assessment and generic circumscription.
It was also regulated the fact that in the counties where there were partial elections in one electoral circumscription, was not constituted a county electoral bureau, the solving of the notifications that regard the electoral fraud is made by the Court to which that electoral circumscription belongs, with the delivery made at no more than 3 days from the registration (Naumescu, 2003: 98).
For the election of the local councils and mayors, each commune, town, city and administrative-territorial sub-division of it, constitutes an electoral circumscription.
One career development model, Gottfredson's theory of circumscription and compromise (Gottfredson, 1981), may provide an innovative approach to conceptualizing aspects of the Latino dropout problem and devising developmental, contextual, and culturally sensitive interventions that target and improve students' knowledge about and aspirations for academic and career success.
Overview of Gottfredson's Theory of Circumscription and Compromise
Therefore, there is a need to revise generic and tribal circumscriptions and especially incorporate new evidence from morphology and DNA sequence data.
The broad circumscription of Scirpus, based on common and widespread characters, resulted in a heterogeneous assemblage which was treated by subsequent workers as one genus (e.
Circumscriptions based on all of these factors result in a unique "social space" of occupations deemed acceptable by an individual (also called the zone of acceptable occupational alternatives).
2003) have been analyzed, the usually broad circumscriptions of these
This agreed-upon type element ensures that when a taxon is delimited differently by taxonomists the different circumscriptions will not be mutually exclusive, since all circumscriptions must include the type element.
1992) have otherwise shown that if Engler's classification topology differs from Bessey's, their ordinal circumscriptions (i.
Because of the rather artificial division into herbaceous and woody plants and the very narrow ordinal circumscriptions, it is difficult to include Hutchinson's otherwise historical classification in the present consensus model.