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If one of the candidates passes away, renounces or no longer fulfils the conditions stipulated by the law for being elected, no other elections are to take place, the circumscription electoral bureau pronouncing the other candidate mayor (Gilia, 2007: 87).
Work is in progress to further resolve the generic circumscriptions within Grammitis s.
The authors discuss Gottfredson's theory of circumscription and compromise as a framework by which school counselors can conceptualize school failure among Latino youth and devise developmental, contextual, and culturally sensitive interventions to improve Latino students' academic and career success.
In the arithmetical context, Poincare is willing to say that I grasp a boundless number of syllogisms in one perception; by extension, then, a pure intuition of space would be the grasping of a boundless number of circumscriptions.
The treatments also differed in tribal circumscription, with Bruhl (1995) recognising 12 tribes and treating Scirpeae broadly to include taxa classified in tribes Dulicheae, Fuireneae, Eleocharideae and Cypereae sensu Goetghebeur (1998).
Infraspecific morphological variation creates problems for identifying stable characters on which to base species circumscriptions.
A list follows of the physical circumscriptions of old age, and a second list catalogues the woes found among the 'cracks and hollows' in the ground: 'outside menaces' now complemented by 'the inner menace of her own body.
These justifications, moreover, emanated from the opportunities and circumscriptions of quotidian life for each sex.
Sehnem (1979), in the most recent flora addressing Polystichum diversity in Brazil, rejected Rosenstock's (1906) species circumscriptions and returned to Fee's concept of the genus.
Therefore, there is a need to revise generic and tribal circumscriptions and especially incorporate new evidence from morphology and DNA sequence data.
Meanwhile, Koether's liquid glass-drenched inverted triangle #3, 2006, rebuffs advances or circumscriptions.
Circumscriptions based on all of these factors result in a unique "social space" of occupations deemed acceptable by an individual (also called the zone of acceptable occupational alternatives).