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This leveling-off of the primordial 'as' of circumspective interpretation to the 'as' with which presence-at-hand is given a definite character is the specialty of assertion.
The former is the closeness of utensils and equipment that Dasein implements in the circumspective manipulation within-the-world.
Furthermore, closeness is a function of the contextual involvements of a tool or equipment that is ready-to-hand in circumspective manipulation.
Directionality is a characteristic of circumspective concern which is de-severing.
From the viewpoint of the transcendental position advocated in Being and Time, space becomes accessible for cognition and is constituted as a possible object because the contextual making room belongs at once to the circumspective manipulation and to the transcendence of the world, i.
Let me note again that according to Heidegger, there are concepts of space (both in Dasein's average everydayness and in doing research guided by a theoretical attitude) just because the interpretative appropriation of possibilities within-the-world is constantly making room, uniting thereby the spatiality of circumspective manipulation and the spatiality of being-in-the-world.
Practices initiated and carried out by man's body are only an integral part of the totality of Dasein's dealings that build up its circumspective manipulation.
It does not function; it shatters the circumspective absorption one has with equipment when that equipment functions in its practical capacity.
This is what I believe he means when he says that the circumspective dealing with a piece of equipment is that "from which it acquires its specific Thingly character.
This general theme of the primordiality or basicness of the circumspective relation to things as ready-to-hand is central in Heidegger, particularly to his famous attack upon the problem of skepticism in the Cartesian tradition of epistemology.
Being-in-the-world," says Heidegger, "amounts to a nonthematic circumspective absorption in references or assignments constitutive for the readiness-to-hand of a totality of equipment.
This is contrasted with Foucault's and Heidegger's attempt to accept a finite truth due to being's finitude necessitating circumspective concern for Dasein.