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To notify a person of a proceeding against him or her or to call a person forth to appear in court.

To make reference to a legal authority, such as a case, in a citation.

Cases, statutes, constitutions, treatises, and other similar authorities are cited to support a certain view of law on an issue. When writing a legal brief, an attorney may wish to strengthen his or her position by referring to cases that support what he or she is saying in order to persuade the court to make a ruling favorable for the client.


Precedent; Stare Decisis.


v. 1) to make reference to a decision in another case to make a legal point in argument. 2) to give notice of being charged with a minor crime and a date for appearance in court to answer the charge rather than being arrested (usually given by a police officer). (See: citation)


(Accuse), verb allege, blame, bring a charge, bring an action, call to account, censure, challenge, charge, complain, denounce, discredit, impeach, impute, incriminate, inform against, lodge a commlaint, make a complaint


(State), verb advance, attest, authenticate, bring forward, certify, circumstantiate, document, enunciate, evidence, evince, exemplify, exhibit, express, give as example, illustrate, indicate, introduce as an example, maintain, make evident, make reference to, manifest, name, point to, predicate, present as proof, prove, quote, recite, refer to, refer to legal authorities, set forth, show, show evidence, show proof, specify, substantiate, use in support of propositions of law
Associated concepts: cite a case as precedence
See also: accuse, acknowledge, adduce, allege, allude, arraign, bear, blame, charge, complain, condemn, denounce, exemplify, extract, honor, illustrate, mention, order, posit, present, quote, recognize, refer, specify, summon
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Whether that's a citable offence is not for me to decide.
denotes the average number of citations per citable article (editorials
Segun el, solamente la humanidad redimida su pasado se convirtio en citable en cada uno de sus instantes.
A journal's impact factor in a given year, 2008 for example, is obtained by dividing the total number of citations that the articles it published in the previous two years (2007 and 2006) received in that year (2008) between the total number of citable articles published in the two previous years (2007 and 2006).
Artists' studios are also becoming formidable and citable cross-sections of what's being made today, such as the show that painter Mike Olin curated in his studio, Purple Nurple, which presented 10 painters all working in a provisional style.
Four indicators selected for Pakistan National Research Index (PNRI) are growth in number of PhDs, number of patents registered with Pakistan, citable documents, development and non-development expenditure on higher education.
Though the case is not citable in many courts as precedential authority, the decision does point out the logical and legal inconsistencies of the A.
The coverage comes with citable contents, details of the editorial board for every paper, indexing and ISI/impact factor rankings.
The more common pattern is to have an intermediate appellate court that also issues citable opinions.
Even for knowledge that everyone knows the editors are going to want a citable source.