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Civic-minded professionals have the public interest at the forefront of their professional work and a sense of civic responsibility to conduct their work to advance the social good (Dzur, 2004; Sullivan, 2005).
We are looking forward to a refreshed, vibrant neighborhood where active, healthy, civic-minded residents will continue to make Eugene their home and Southtowne the neighborhood of choice.
com)-- Civic-Minded Moving Company Encourages Kindness through Contest
The Nonprofit Organizations Committee of the American Bar Association, Business Law Section, announces five accomplished and civic-minded attorneys as recipients of the annual Outstanding Nonprofit Lawyer Awards for 2012.
They and the 400 civic-minded New Yorkers attending the Summit will discuss and debate how to make New York more livable, from sidewalk to skyline.
More than providing an avenue for giving, The KPMG Foundation supports the firm's mission to be a socially responsible and civic-minded organization.
2, the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act bill, to take place just as many civic-minded citizens were coming home from work and flipping on C-SPAN.
Best Travel Agency - AAA Southern New England, Auburn Branch; Best Real Estate Agency - Emerson Realtors; Best Hotel/Motel - Holiday Inn Express; Most Civic-Minded Business Owner - Dan Bortolussi, Herb Chambers of Auburn Inc.
Researchers and practitioners mostly of education but other social sciences as well, argue that the "border youth" characterized as lazy and violent are socially aware, civic-minded citizens who possess the critical capacity and courage to form collective movements and beat back their oppressors.
Mr Cameron has put the plans at the heart of his so-called "Big Society" agenda, designed to encourage people to be more civic-minded.
The contribution of active and civic-minded people was very important and priceless when addressing the most painful problems faced by society.
They extended, on the occasion, a message to President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in which they express pride at the burst of solidarity which the Head of State has made a deep-rooted and civic-minded behaviour.