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Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Kawkab al-Sabah Daya said the campaign activates the participatory approach embodied in cooperation between economic activities and the civil community to reduce pollution and improve services.
The Arab League has drawn up regulations and guidelines for the sponsorship of activities which are organized by civil community organizations, higher education institutions and the private sector companies, the statement said.
Fneish said the deal aims at reforming the local electoral system and would help in arranging the launch of the "Three Ideas" program for sustaining Lebanese civil community, organizing the work of maids in houses and subsidizing the upgrades to jails.
Al-Khunji said, in a statement, that OCCI seeks, within the framework of the developmental partnership between the private sector on one hand and the public sector and the civil community establishments on the other hand, to contribute in pushing the wheel of development forward in the national economy in general, in addition to paying an attention, as part of a governmental trend, to diversify sources of income and develop economics of the governorate via the ideal investment of resources and opportunities available in all productive and service sectors and activities.
The authority urged all state and civil community institutions, as well as individuals, to attend or be represented at the seminar, to be held Monday morning at the Jumeirah Hotel.
A number of officials and experts of the public and private sectors, academic and civil community in the Sultanate and Arab countries took part in the symposium organised by the Ministry of Civil Service between November 24 and November 26.
Couples that marry and generate offspring and who love their children, rearing them to become good citizens, do an incalculable service to, the civil community as a whole.
Many of its 974 students work in criminal and civil community law clinics, and may earn certificates in intellectual property law, international law, or public interest law.
The programme has several components focusing on improving physical security stockpile management (PSSM) of ammunition; upgrading current safety disposal practices in line with international standards; enlarging the demilitarization framework to include civil community safety.
Khalil urged to apply the agreement that the ministerial committee and the civil community agreed on regarding the trash crisis, wondering who is the party that wants this situation to maintain a status quo.
He said that the civil community should assume its great role in the reform project because it is the backbone of the democratic process and the ongoing free expression space for all components of the society and its different opinions.
Begun in 2001, the prize is awarded to an individual or organization that promotes environmental work and aims to change the "trends and concepts of volunteer work and civil community systems," operating between the private, government and non-governmental sectors.