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The hearing before the Civil Liberties Committee will last three hours.
A year after the attacks, in September 2002, Americans showed a greater concern for civil liberties, with 62% saying anti-terror efforts should not violate civil liberties and 33% giving anti-terror efforts the higher priority.
According to the report, civil liberties improved in Tunisia, described as "the most promising of the Arab Spring countries"; Pakistan showed gains due to successful elections and an orderly rotation of power, while in Africa, gains occurred in Mali, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Madagascar, Rwanda, Togo, and Zimbabwe.
Judicious and measured, Waghorne and Macintyre are content to tell the story of civil liberties in a narrative sequence.
Throughout the '80s and '90s the drug war was the principal justification for reducing civil liberties in this country," Nadelmann argues.
The tension you have now between civil liberties and security would alter fundamentally," he says.
The true purpose of this bill is to hobble nonprofit organizations, including the ACLU, from working to protect all people's civil rights and civil liberties.
Mel Lipman is a Nevada civil liberties attorney and president of the American Humanist Association.
Not unnaturally, Professor Stone himself has decided views on the question of civil liberties and wartime expediency, but it would be difficult to claim that the book is biased one way or another.
He said everyone was horrified at the July 7 terror attacks but said he was becoming "increasingly concerned" at the gradual and unremitting reduction of civil liberties.
I very much enjoyed Ruth Conniff's column highlighting the work of civil liberties champion David Cole ("Staying Engaged," February issue).