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1 a person learned in the civil or Roman law.
2 as an adjective, pertaining to the civil or Roman law.
3 a person not in the armed forces.

CIVILIAN. A doctor, professor, or student of the civil law.

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In a message to mark the religious festival of Eid, the Taleban leader, Mullah Omar, issued a detailed list of steps his commanders should take to stem the rising number of civilian deaths, the vast majority of which are caused by the Taleban and other insurgent groups.
Coincidentally, Nato has apologised (a rare event) for killing nine civilians in air strike on Afghani civilians.
There will be bad days, included when we cause unintended civilian casualties," Rasmussen said, but added: "During the recent year, our troops in Afghanistan have succeeded in reducing the number of civilian casualties significantly.
The remaining 186 deaths, comprising 8 percent of the total, could not be attributed to any of the conflicting parties as some civilians died as a result of crossfire or were killed by unexploded ordnance, the report said.
Meantime, al-Mayadeen TV reported that the militants detained tens of families, residing in Eastern Ghouta, in al-Hal market in Douma, preventing their move towards the humanitarian corridor specified for evacuating civilians.
On 9 January, airstrikes and ground-based strikes hit a residential area in opposition-controlled Hamourya, reportedly killing at least 13 civilians.
The ambassador's response further states that 'Kenya has never received any complaint of civilian deaths against KDF during the period under review.
The reason for this, the New York Time report suggests, is that most of the coalition's process for analyzing civilian deaths "is hidden" meaning that "its thoroughness is difficult to evaluate independently.
During this time, 1,266 reports of possible civilian casualties were submitted to the task force for review and till now, only 194 or 15 percent have been declared credible.
According to the UN mission in Afghanistan, it has recorded a 43 per cent increase in civilian casualties from aerial operations during the first six months of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, documenting 232 civilian casualties (95 deaths and 137 injured), with substantial increases in women and child deaths.
Part two considers the international legal framework which oversees the protection of civilians subject to the use of force, and also considers the conduct of hostilities, international humanitarian law and human rights law; and,
But Duterte said instead of helping, civilian volunteers could actually complicate the situation as they would become easy targets by Maute gunmen for their firearms.

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