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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (1902) is classically interpreted as a politically-oriented novel that denounces the imperialism of Leopold II by staging the lies of the humanitarian propaganda of civilizers that are used to cover the violence of the colonial enterprise.
In Africa and Oceania one can find primitive or semi-primitive cultures and the contacts that are established among them and the white civilizers can be compared--mutatis mutandis--to the contacts that linked littoral civilization in Brazil to the backlands cultures" (Willems 1944, 18).
So if we look, for example, at those who practiced domestication and/or were in contact with domesticators and civilizers, shorter lives are indeed in the picture.
But there is no way civilization can flourish in an exclusively male wilderness, and there are many who consider the pioneer women to be the true civilizers of a rough and tumble frontier.
Reframing writing center stories for what they might reveal about the systems that determine meaning is both an urgent and difficult task, given the current approaches to diversity in North American universities, approaches that position both educators and students as "tourists, voyeurs, and vagabonds," "consumers of multicultural and international differences," or "democratic civilizers and nationbuilders" (Roman 79-84).
In short the "pathologies" that Warwick Anderson has brought to our attention (without saying so directly) are the fantasies that existed in the minds of the US Military and Public Health officials, the divinely-inspired, government-appointed Civilizers of "Orientals" in the Philippines.
In the "fantasy" of writers such as Spenser, Ireland was a "nation of rogues" practicing their own particular cant, who served their would-be civilizers as a synecdoche "for the vagrants who posed a real and pressing problem for the English nation"(313).
White women were supposed to carry "the banner of purity and spirituality" and be the civilizers and reproducers of the race; aboriginal women were rapidly demoted from being noble savages to being seen as "dissolute, dangerous and sinister.
They go on to say that the myths spiriting the Parthenon send messages that admit no ambiguity and would terrify anyone who perceived the fatal certainty that the Athenians were the civilizers of the world (187).
The Korean said, "Those who are the biggest criminals are known to be the great civilizers.
It has allowed western intellectual traditions and practitioners to write themselves into the past, present and future of Africa as civilizers, saviours, initiators, mentors and arbiters (wa Thiong'o, 1986; Chinweizu, 1987; Mudimbe, 1988; Schipper, 1990; Crossman and Devisch, 1999; Mbembe, 2000a: 7-40; Magubane, 2004).
Cesaire also revealed how the colonizers' sense of superiority, their sense of mission as the world's civilizers depends on turning the Other into barbarians.