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Future growth will be strategic with no defined targets -- Powell did say Civitas has offers on at least one additional SNF and is evaluating a couple of additional CCRC's for future acquisition.
This proposal, called CIVITAS WIKI, describes the ambition, the approach and outcomes of our consortium to contribute to the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for CIVITAS PLUS II.
The Civitas report does not indicate how or where this might have influenced the analysis.
The report states the UK's current account deficit every year is estimated at PS65 billion or 4% of GDP, while the last trade surplus was in 1982, according to Civitas.
According to Civitas, a comparison of the number of police officers and the number of recorded offences per 100,000 people in European countries showed "a nation with fewer police is more likely to have a higher crime rate".
But the Civitas report said its predictions were consistent with other academic studies.
But the Civitas report, entitled 2011: the start of a great decade for criminals?
Getting rid of the trusts - as set out in the Government's white paper - could cause delays to treatment, according to the think tank Civitas.
But right-wing thinktank Civitas warns many are forced to wait far longer in certain areas of the country.
Thulani Davis's most recent book is My Confederate Kinfolk A Twenty-First Century Freedwoman Discovers Her Roots (Basic Civitas Books, January 2006).
A book published by social policy think-tank Civitas blamed PC attitudes for creating "Muslim ghet-toes" which produced "young men who com-mit mass murder against their fellow citizens".
pdf Effects of family breakdown on children and society by CIVITAS, London, UK: www.