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I proved he was by using my clairvoyant skills, including tarot card reading, and putting him under surveillance.
A spokesman for the band said: "Nicola is interested in hearing what the clairvoyants have to say.
Then within weeks, another letter, apparently from a Sweden-based clairvoyant called Morgan T, landed on her doorstep around the time Mrs Hancox was undergoing her first chemotherapy session.
A CLAIRVOYANT is hoping to raise hundreds of pounds for charity when she gives a public demonstration.
It emerged he had consulted a clairvoyant while writing his book about Princess Diana.
Clairvoyant Paul De'Aaran said: "Many American hotels have psychic consultants, so I thought The Talbot should have one.
To demonstrate that, the Chamber's Workforce Solutions Group will stage a "Workforce Psychic Village" on the University of Cincinnati campus featuring various clairvoyant talents.
April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Robbie Robertson's How To Become Clairvoyant enters the Top Current Canadian Album Chart at No.
KERRY Katona was warned by a clairvoyant she would want to leave her new EUR2million home - just weeks before her house was raided.
The personalised letter is from a ``clairvoyant'' overseas who says something dreadful is due to happen to the recipient on a particular date unless the person sends money so the clairvoyant can ``avert the evil''.
UDA gangster Andre 'The Egyptian' Shoukri knew he was jail bound in 2002 - because a clairvoyant told him so.