clamor for

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Carson continues to say that if enough Americans clamor for him he will run for president, and a strong showing in the NRLC straw poll clearly shows that the grassroots are clamoring for him.
A Clamor for Equality: Emergence and Exile of California Activist Francisco P.
It is not the poor who clamor for abortion on demand; it is the comfortable middle class.
But the main reason is that, for as much as local government officials like to clamor for federal cash, they're reluctant to spend any of their own on purposes that actually serve the public.
Wickham also noted that Jakes' answer "put himself at loggerheads with those on the religious right who claim that this nation is a Christian state and who clamor for politicians to follow their lead.
exports of copper scrap, a group of red metals production and fabrication companies continues to clamor for government attention.
Perry's fans will clamor for this engrossing audio version.
Celtophiles will devour this title and clamor for more.
A parking permit requirement enacted three years ago in surrounding neighborhoods meant students had to clamor for spots in vacant gas stations or several blocks away.
Colorful canopy blossoms clamor for the attention of pollinators.