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And he continued to cling and to dispute for his life with those who clamored for his death.
Francine followed, held in custody by Miss Plym--who took her responsibilities seriously, and clamored for instruction in the art of chopping parsley.
Polly thought it was n't fair; but Maud clamored for her candy, and finding she could do nothing to appease Fan, Polly devoted her mind to her cookery till the nuts were safely in, and a nice panful set in the yard to cool.
The jays clamored loudly, and the trees whispered darkly, as before; and I somehow traced in the two sounds a fanciful analogy to the open boastfulness of Mr.
He pretended knowledge of Dennin's absence, and affected a mysterious air, while they clamored for information.
I have seen, at Seville, eighteen horses killed in one day, and the people clamored for more horses.
These two volumes express the two intensely vigorous forces which were strangely combined in his nature; for while no man has ever been a more violent romanticist than Swinburne, yet, as one critic has said, 'All the romantic riot in his blood clamored for Greek severity and Greek restraint.