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The tremendous outpouring of donations and words of support clearly shows that people are clamoring for a principled, unifying leader like Dr.
A group of kids clamoring around one simple toy in the shadow of the old capital, among tourists, students, and hawkers.
In early February, tax pre-parers were clamoring for IRS Pubs 1345 and 1345A.
However, one might ask if yet another book on Du Bois is what today's black reader is clamoring for; a recent library search turned up over 140 books already inked on the subject, including his own autobiography.
Agents, who for years have been clamoring for a real-time rating process, are trying to convince insurers to abandon proprietary systems in favor of universal standards.
First, there are those innumerable "e-business" start-ups clamoring for your attention.
Bond market participants have been clamoring for the change, and it finally happened.
Curses of course have very long roots, but Little finds the two principal sources of liturgical malediction to be the clamor of Roman law, in which someone appealed to a judge for justice--if necessary, by quite literally and quite loudly clamoring to be heard--and the excommunication ritual developed by the early church to deal with those who refused to be corrected and were therefore cut off from the body of the faithful.
There are a lot of vendors jumping into the EIPP space because customers are clamoring for a solution.
Carson continues to say that if enough Americans clamor for him he will run for president, and a strong showing in the NRLC straw poll clearly shows that the grassroots are clamoring for him.
Large and small companies are clamoring to get a bite out of the New Jersey School Construction Corporation's $8.
Those involved - who aren't clamoring to take credit for the benefit, though Jeffrey Katzenberg of DreamWorks SKG and Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records have helped assemble talent - have had to scramble to assemble the show in such a swift fashion.