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Ask yourself how you would sleep at night if you were the clamper who immobilised the car of district nurse Virginia Williams, of Queensferry.
When police officers arrived at the street they told the clampers to remove the wheel devices.
Clampers who fail to register will be guilty of a criminal offence.
Mr Zafaryab offered to pay the pounds 100 fine, but the clampers refused to budge until their boss finally relented and told them to accept the money and remove the clamps.
Clampers on bonuses are more likely to break rules.
Trader Ali Khan, of Foleshill Carpet Centre, next to the sign warning drivers that clampers are in operation in the area.
Now the RAC Foundation is encouraging people to contact it with clamping stories, and the case studies will be used to establish the identity of the worst clamper in the country.
He said: "Birmingham has led the way against clampers.
Since May, clampers operating on private land in England and Wales must have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence to show they have the right credentials.
The clamper had demanded pounds 120 to remove the clamp even though signs stated the fee was only pounds 90.
The suggestion comes after a clamper in Portsmouth became the first in the UK to be clamped by an interim anti-social behaviour order.